Hello there, I'm Alicia Diamond

and photography is my first love. This was a self portrait I made when I was 8 years old...


These days, I still love photography but now I find new ways to tell a story other than
moody self-portraits

( I still love moody self-portraits though) 

blush photography-wedding-alicia-phil-42.jpg

I am currently planning to bring Cameras to the Destiny Community in Canaan, Haiti with 100Cameras If you want to donate cameras or hear more about the project  check out our blog



My high-school photography teacher, Mr. Baltz changed my life by showing me how a camera can become a way to organize & express your reality, since then I have traveled the world sharing photography with the clients, couples and nonprofits I collaborate with.  


I  have been photographing weddings for 10 years and spent a lot of that time as one half of F/stop Poetry before I moved to New York City to begin creative consulting for nonprofits and starting Rabbit Hearted Girls. I photograph weddings all over the USA and internationally.  

I have a Boston Terrier named Beans and she is more funny than I am.

I will eat all of the Nutella if you leave me alone with it.  


    Clients include:



Digital media maven with five years of social media marketing experience, strategic online brand development, understanding of brand identity and analytical reporting. Accomplished creative professional with a proven track record in all aspects of the end-to-end creative process ranging from concept through execution; excellent communicator and collaborator. A background in Photojournalism and creative writing skills instills the groundwork to serve nonprofit organizations with the compelling stories and resources needed to strategically engage and deepen relationships with clients, media, funders, donors, and volunteers. Expertise is centered on storytelling, photography, and strategic messaging. 



Co-authored visual stories with many different clients in the United States and internationally. 
Projects included: branding, photography, ad campaigns, web design, and  print marketing.
Taught photography skills to underinvested communities. 
Clients include: Penguin Random House, Riseboro, The Empowerment Center, 100Cameras, Craft3, Haiti Street Kids, Cameras for Kids on Pine Ridge, Sa Voix and more.


If you have any questions for me or projects you would like to collaborate on please send me a message & tell me what you love.

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