New Moon Poem II


The Amethyst Crystal Chakrub I bought for my 30th birthday because I heard that amethysts helped with addictions and I had so many (mainly at the time, an ex I couldn’t stop fucking with despite my better judgement)

 This crystal fell unto the floor and broke this morning, as I got out of bed. 

(I wrote about how I got my Chakrub Here, Just in case you're curious about it)

I texted the founder of Chakrubs, Vanessa Cuccia immediately and she was a wise sage that responded “the crystal has completed its work.”
She said it was a sign of major transformation.

Which made sense because I just moved back to the city I was born in and felt like I was undergoing such constant life changes. Especially lately, I have felt like a lightning-rod to spiritual experiences, I struggle to articulate but feel intensely in ways I can’t explain.

Here I am kneeling on the floor holding my first crystal, that meant more to me than any other, that I never allowed anyone else to touch, in two pieces, in my hand. It would never be whole again. Certainly never the same.

I drove that crystal all over the country the summer I got it. South Dakota, it was charged in it's first full moon, which happend to be a strawberry blood moon over the badlands. I prayed with it in Joshua Tree, parted the fog of the Grand Canyon with it. Left it out in the snow one night on a mountain in Colorado. Let it lead me out of addiction by placing it on my forehead when I wanted something I knew would hurt me. I fiercely protected that crystal. It was always in its specific place in my carry-on bag every time I would travel.

I texted Vanessa again.
"what does it all mean?"
Don’t be scared. She responded first thing,
and advised me to pull my own tarot cards.


I sent her the three I chose, after shuffling the major arcana 3 times.
The Hermit, The Chariot, The High Priestess.


On the very last three pages of my journal that I started the week of the Solar Eclipse, I wrote; 


Vanessa said that the energy of transformation was removing everything that no longer served me. Brokenness is not the end of the story.

What needs to be taken away from me in order to step into the paradigm that most accurately reflects source moving through me?
New Moon, last day of Mercury Retrograde,
such difficult lessons of
loss and change you are teaching me.

Releasing me.

Everything up until this point has dragged my heart behind the horse and the cart but my better judgement is freeing me.

Allowing new stories, new timelines to unveil strengths,
foundations built on grounding,
Not more running.
The earth is sustaining me,
uncovering the spiritual honesty that’s been ever present
under the veil of secrecy
hidden by wolves in sheeps clothing.

Be brave enough to trust that
the goddesses are protecting us.
lighting the way before me
Refining my voice
Attuning my vision to things I haven’t yet seen.
No gem is really broken
Just and outward change
in its timeless form.

Later that afternoon The Hoodwitch posted this on Instagram.
Also somehow strangely relevant to this day was this fact, posted by Bri Luna from The Hoodwitch as well. 

Alicia Diamond