One day while sitting in my office I got a text from Meghan. She sent me a link to an Instagram account. I opened it to discover a shiny amethyst crystal in the hands of trustmedaddy

I was instantly intrigued.
That same day when Meghan and I went to lunch at forrest point in brookyln we joked that if only we had one of these chakrubs, we wouldn’t need boyfriends and our bank accounts would be full.

I know it sounds ridiculous. I mean a crystal can't replace a boyfriend or make you rich, but here I am a full year later after buying one for myself as a 30th birthday present and my journey with my cystal chakrub was better than I could have imaged that day Meghan and I joked about them while eating fish tacos.

The most wonderful and unexpected way in which this crystal has made my life better is following Vanessa Cuccia, founder and mother of Chakrubs. Vanessa's heart-centered entrepreneurship is a consistent inspiration for me to keep loving and listening and showing up to serve others. 

After I received my crystal and the love letter Vanessa sends with it, I began to realize that the magic lied in my own intention for the crystal. I purchased it after wanting one for months. I had committed to a difficult year in which I would be Traveling often, alone for long periods of time and forced to love myself in every sense of that word. As I turned 30 I knew it was important to develop a relationship with my body that was solely my own and that was sacred and honored. I had spent most of my young twenties bullying, shaming and ignoring my body. I came to a point that year where I realized I had spent 30 years growing into the woman I was and I thought I had earned the wisdom that comes from truly knowing yourself.  I decided to buy an amethyst chakrub and embark on a journey of self- discovery. After my Chakrub appeared in the mail I spent the rest of that year charging my crystal in the full moon, writing intentions in my journal, photographing it as I traveled, developing my own self-healing rituals and once it sat in a bowl full of water and rosemary because a Witch at the Witch store in Brooklyn told me rosemary helped with spells of relinquishing jealousy in relationships.

Through that year I photographed my crystal everywhere I went. The badlands, Joshua Tree, a natural hot springs in Colorado. I observed every full moon and I learned that rosemary didn’t cure my jealousy but breaking up and letting go did.

After a full year of communicating with Vanessa and Jessy, sending them my photos and questions I met up with these gorgeous babes for the first time in person and asked them to help create a Brooklyn Cuddle Bunny Coven.

This is what that afternoon was like. 

Alicia Diamond