New Moon Poem

The theme given by Jessica Lanyadoo to meditate for this moon cycle was forgiveness and I wrote this on the new moon that day and finished it on the new moon to complete the lunar cycle. 

Image by Tamas Horvath

Image by Tamas Horvath


I wrote a Valentine to my body
shared my skin and bones
laid my life bare
just to be reborn
On this new moon
I am forgiving myself
and you
forgiving the men who failed me
forgiving every tom, dick, and emily
for everything
no matter how deep
or how petty
forgiving everyone who hasn't learned
how to love me
forgiving my failures because
they teach me about overcoming
forgiving my relationship to money
forgiving my ancestors
for all their incest and murdering
forgive what happened in the past
to me or because of me
our bodies experience the emotional state
our minds create
and mine is always running
forgiveness ebbs and flows
whether I'm to blame
or the one who has to let go
letting every breath
that releases from my chest
be a vow
to focus
on becoming



Alicia Diamond