Chicago | Cuddle Bunny Coven Event

Hey Cosmic Being, 

We've assembled a group of cosmic babes (a force, so to speak) with the soul-purpose of making sure you leave feeling powerful. The Cuddle Bunny Coven is a collective that wants you to see & believe that you are magic. We design pop-up events curated to bring together deliberate and fearless creators, women entrepreneurs, artists, healers and magical human beings. We cultivate self expression, self-love and self-healing. We invite participants to come with an intention as we guide them through an experience of self-celebration and self-reflection. We invite the participant to communicate what they would like to manifest and to have a tangible memory of their intention & their experience from the event through photography. 

partly art therapy | partly treat yo' self

We hope you take what you need from the experience & use it as a catalyst to empower the women around you. 


Want to know more? Download our visual guide or scroll through the blog.


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Alicia Diamond