There is something beautiful about the way her collar bones sink on the exhale. The skin stretched over bone and muscle hardly able to contain all that life.  She was a librarian to the office, a red head to Jack white, and the beginning and the end to the one who calls her beloved. So much more beauty in her body than anything she could cover it with. She is a hell of a Lady and she is far more dimensional than what’s represented by heels and lingerie. Her Beauty lies in her ability to make mistakes.  The only one who can kiss away knee scrapes and bad days. Art is made to try and convey what she embodies every day. Regardless of poise or grace, she dances to the beat she makes.

The Flower Bed is a celebration of beauty, of Roses and Thorns, of Mother Nature and her enduring prairie. But most of all it is a celebration of femininity.

We invite you to participate.

Alicia Diamond