"One gloriously snowy day in Upstate New York, an amazing woman gave birth to seven pounds of awesome.  After moonwalking out of the birth canal, that little girl yawned and high-fived everyone in the room.  At four years old; enamored by her first set of watercolor paints, a perfectly shaped goldfish came flowing from her fingertips.  From that moment forward she would forever be a creative soul.

At eighteen years old she packed up enough shit for seven teenagers and forced her parents to drive it all the way to Philadelphia.  Attending temple university : tyler school of art, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Blown Glass.  And no, she won't make you a fucking bong.

With a diploma in hand, she thought about it for fifteen seconds and decided to move to Chicago.  As she was trying to figure out what to do with her life - she ended up, quite accidentally, in the hair styling industry.  While looking for a salon to call home, she walked into the too good to be true salon and has been there rocking hair out since 2008.

Although she was born with her first name penned as Sarah; 
she prefers to be called Franky, 
her middle name.  
Which fucking obviously fits much better."

Alicia Diamond